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4.22.2014 by

Een grote verandering voor mijn blog: ja, je leest het goed. Vanaf nu ga ik zowel in het Nederlands als in het Engels bloggen! Het blijkt (en dat is natuurlijk heel logisch) dat ik veel Nederlandse bezoekers heb. Het lijkt mij dus handig en leuk om ook in het Nederlands artikelen te schrijven!

Wat vinden jullie hier van?

A big change on the blog: I'm also going to blog in Dutch! Since I have lots of Dutch readers I thought it would be nice to write articles in Dutch as well. Of course I'll be still blogging in English. So you (my international readers) are able to read my articles too. 

I hope this change will be good for my blog. I'm working harder to get a little bigger with The Daily Fashion Drug, and this is the first step of a long but fun road :-).

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Weekly Inspiration


4.21.2014 by

"I'm in love with cities I've never been and people I've never met."
This weekly inspiration it's all about travelling, since I want to go on a holiday so bad. I just love to get away and not have to think about others problems or my own problems ;-) 

Just a time to take off from the rest of the world.. Sounds good right?

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Press Day


4.17.2014 by

The press days have arrived! 
Yesterday I went to the office of Ganbaroo. They have an amazing showroom! 
Ganbaroo repesents amazing brands like Vans, Humanoid, Dorhout Mees, Filippa K, Lovestories and Anecdote. The office was transformed into an amazing showroom. 
The new fall/winter collections of all the brands are truly amazing. My absolute favorites: everything from Lovestories (which is a new lingerie brand and they're opening their first store ever in Amsterdam very soon), the Vans slip-ons, and the amazing wall Ganbaroo created with so many cool stuff. 

It was a very inspirational and fun day!

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4.15.2014 by

Keeping it very short today because I have to do a lot of other work-stuff!
I always love to wear an easy and comfortable outfit. And I especially love my silk blouse. 
The color and fit are perfect, don't you think?

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C&A Summer Fashion Festival


4.11.2014 by

Last Tuesday I went to the super fun C&A Summer Fashion Festival! It was a great event with lots of food, photobooth-fun and good music. 
Of course they presented the new C&A collection, styled by Jetteke van Lexmond, which was amazing! 
The whole event was in summer festival style, and that is totally my kind of thing.

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